Digital Capacitive Touch Sensor Switch Module

Digital Capacitive Touch Sensor Switch Module

The Digital Sensor TTP223B Module Capacitive Touch Switch is based on a touch-sensing IC (TTP223B) capacitive touch switch module. In the normal state, the module output low, low power consumption; when a finger touches the corresponding position, the module output high, if not touched for 12 seconds, switch to low-power mode.


·       Operating Voltage: 2.5V-5.5V

·       Start-up Calibration Delay: 0.5 Sec

·       Touch sensing area of 11 x 10.5mm

·       Output Status Indicator LED

·       Output can be configured be Active High or Low

·       Output can be directly connected to Microcontroller's Input pins

·       Touch sensing area of 18mm

·       PCB Dimensions: 26.7x1.5x40.4mm

·       Module Weight: 3.5g.

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