Regulated power supply 5V & 12V 1A

Regulated power supply 5V & 12V 1A

The regulated power supply accepts unregulated inputs from 7.5V to 15V AC or DC and gives regulated output of 5V and 12V suitable for microcontroller projects which needs precise voltage to work. The input can come from power transformer or wall mount DC adapter. Since board has Diode Bridge input polarity does not matter.

All outputs are brought to screw terminal. There is also an unregulated output voltage to drive high current loads like relays and motors.


·        LM7805 based 5V output at 1.5 Amp

·        LM7812 based 12V output at 1.5 Amp

·        Unregulated Voltage Output

·        LED Indicator

·        Unregulated input from 7.5-15V AC/DC, Polarity Free

·        Regulator IC with Heat sink

·        All outputs to Screw Terminal  

·        PCB Dimensions(LxWxH in mm): 31.7x1.5x67.5mm

·        Weight: 18g.

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