2200KV Brushless DC Motor

2200KV Brushless DC Motor

This motor gives the maximum thrust of 2200gms and weighs only 160gms.It is best suited for medium and large size, Hexacopter, Octocopter etc. Its rotor shaft is made up of hardened steel and supported by sealed dual bearings. It comes with propeller mount with 5mm diameter.


·        KV(rpm/v): 1100

·        Max Power: 920W

·        Max Thrust: 2.2kg

·        Weight: 160 grams

·        Recommended Propeller for battery: 12x4.5 for 3S battery; 12x4.5 for 5S battery

·        Battery: 3S-5S Li-Po

·        ESC (A): 70A.

·        Weight: 63g

·        PCB Dimension(LXWXH):27.6X27.6X40.0mm



·         DIY projects.

·         Quadrotor (quadcopter), Hexacoptor, Octacoptor, muliticopter.

·         Arduino projects.

·         Raspberry-Pi projects.

·         Electrical/Electronic projects.

·         Robotic projects.

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