RF 433MHz 4-Channel Wireless Module

RF 433MHz 4-Channel Wireless Module

This is a 4 Channel Digital Data wireless module. Use it to transmit and receive 4 Channel of data through a wireless RF Link. It uses our 433 MHz RF Modules and the HT12E/D IC. The module can operate within a range of 100m when the transmitter is in line of sight and around 50m when indoors.

This module takes care of all the encoding and decoding required to transmit Digital data and requires no additional computation by the micro controller. Users can directly connect the module to a micro controller and start transmitting data wirelessly.
The transmitter and the receiver can be directly connected to a microcontroller or an external circuit through the header pins.



·        Direct interface to microcontrollers digital pins

·        Plug and play usage allows direct use with micro controllers

·        Input power supply- 5v (power Transmitter at 12V for max range)

·        Transmitter input pins and the receivers output pins can be directly connected to a micro controller (Arduino, AVR, PIC, 8051, etc)

·        4 data lines connected to header pins

·        Frequency 433 MHz.

·        Weight: 27g

·        Size(LXWXH):47.5x1.6x66.5mm ,39.9x1.6x48mm



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