NRF24L01 wireless serial module

NRF24L01 wireless serial module

This is an RF data modem working at 2.4 GHz frequency in the half-duplex mode with automatic switching of receive/transmit mode with LED indication. Receives and Transmits serial data baud rate of 9600 bps at a 5V level for direct interfacing to microcontrollers.

RF modem can be used for applications that need two-way wireless data transmission. It features high data rate and longer transmission distance. The communication protocol is self-controlled and completely transparent to the user interface. The module can be embedded into your current design so that wireless communication can be set up easily.


·        Working voltage: 5VDC

·        Typical Operating Range: 50-70 meters

·        Frequency 2.4 GHz

·        UART baud rate: 9600 bps

·        Onboard status LED

·        Onboard data Transmission status LED

·        Onboard data Receiving status LED

·        Bidirectional UART serial data transfer

·        Automatic switching between and transmit and receive mode in RF

·        Easy to use, Works out of the box without any configuration

·        Transparent to the microcontroller, No special programming or configuration required. 

·        FSK technology, half duplex mode, robust to interference

·        2.4 GHz band, no need to apply for frequency usage license

·        High sensitivity, reliable transmission range

·        No tuning required, PLL based self-tuned

·        Error checking (CRC) of data inbuilt

·        Weight: 16g

·        PCB Dimension (LXWXH):45.3x1.5x57.6mm



  • Remote control / Remote measurement system
  • Access control / Identity Discrimination
  • Wireless Security Systems
  • Smart house products
  • Sensor Networks
  • Wireless metering
  • IT home appliance
  • Weather stations

Pin Details

  • TXD = Transmit Output: Connected to RXD pin of microcontrollers
  • RXD = Receive Input:  Connected to TXD pin of microcontrollers
  • GND = Ground level of power supply. Must be common ground with microcontroller
  • 5V = 5V supply input.

Package contents

2x NRF24L01 wireless serial module

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