Li-Fi - Visible Light Communication

Li-Fi - Visible Light Communication

Li-Fi technology provides transmission of data through illumination by sending data  through  LED  that varies in  intensity faster  than the  human eye  can follow. This product  focus on developing a  Li-Fi based  system and  analyze its performance  with respect  to existing  technology. The heart of this technology is a new generation of high brightness LEDs. The product consisting of a  transmitter which  includes a  light source  and the  receiver circuit  which receives  the data  transmitted via light waves.



·       Supply Voltage:12VDC

·       Data input: UART(TTL)

·       Data Output: UART (TTL ) 

·       Baud Rate: 9600

·       Distance can be achieved 10cm to 100cm for wireless open optical communication

·       High-Intensity Transmitting LED Module

·       Used  Four High sensitivity Receiving  IR Photodiodes

·       Transmitting Module PCB Dimensions: 36.8x1.6x45.3mm

·       Transmitting LED Module PCB Dimensions: 61.5x1.5x62.5mm

·       Receiving Module PCB Dimensions: 49.5x1.5x70.3mm

·       Weight:55g.


·       Indoor wireless open optical communication

·       Indoor navigation

·       Underwater visible light communication

·       Vehicle to vehicle communication

·       Location Based Services 

·       Monitor as transmitter for Data Communication

·       Li-Fi wireless optical communication.

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