CD4017 - Decade Counter

CD4017 - Decade Counter

The CD4017 is a CMOS Decade counter IC. CD4017 is used for low range counting applications. It can count from 0 to 10 (the decade count). The circuit designed by using this IC will save board space and also the time required to design the circuit. CD4017 is as ‘Johnson 10 stage decade counter’.


·       The supply voltage of this IC is 3V to 15V.

·       It is compatible with TTL (Transistor-Transistor Logic).

·       The clock speed or operational speed of CD4017 IC is 5 MHz

·       5-stage Divide-by-10 Johnson Counter with 10 Decoded Outputs and a Carry Bit

·       Medium Speed up to 5MHz

·       Operating Temperature to 85oC.



·       Alarm Systems

·       Remote Metering

·       Automotive

·       Medical Electronics

·       Running Lightings.

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