1N5408 3A/1000V General Purpose Rectifier

1N5408 3A/1000V General Purpose Rectifier

This is a high voltage and high current silicon diode. It has a forward voltage drop of about 0.8 Volts it is often used in power supplies, dimmers and various operated equipment.


·        Peak Repeat. Reverse Voltage (Vrrm): 1000V

·        Average Rectified Current (Io): 3.0A

·        Max. Reverse Current (Ir): 0.5mA

·        Max. Forward Voltage Drop (Vf): 1.2V

·        3.0 ampere operation at TA = 75°C with no thermal runaway.

·        High current capability.

·        Low leakage

·        Diffused Junction

·        High Current Capability and Low Forward Voltage Drop

·        Surge Overload Rating to 200A Peak

·        Low Reverse Leakage Current

·        Lead Free Finish, RoHS Compliant.

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