PIC 40Pin Development Board

PIC 40Pin Development Board

With this board you can develop and prototype with any of Microchip's 40 pin PIC microcontrollers. 


·        PIC Project Board for Microchip PIC 40 Pin Series.

·        On board Regulated Power- Optional Supply 5v, 12v, GND.

·        Power Switch

·        DC Power Supply Connector (12v Ac or Dc).

·        DIL40 microcontroller socket

·        On Board Programming  ICSP Port (Can be programmed with our USB AVR Programmer v2.0)

·        16x2 LCD Port

·        L293D Motor Driver Port

·        Ultrasonic Sensor SR04  Port

·        Buzzer Port

·        TTL Port

·        I2C Port

·        1 Channel Relay Port

·        2 Channel Relay Port

·        2 Way Relay Port

·        4 Channel Relay Port

·        4x3 Keypad Port

·        5 Digital Ports

·        4 Analog Ports

·        RS232 Serial Port

·        Power indicator LED.

·        Clock pulse indicator LED

·        Reset Switch

·        High quality Double sided PCB FR4 Glass Fiber Epoxy Grade

·        FPT Certified

·        Fire Retardant.

·        PCB Dimensions(LxWxH): 90.5x1.5x105.2mm

·        Weight: 52g.

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