Raindrops Detection Sensor module

Raindrops Detection Sensor module

The Raindrop Detection Sensor module is an easy-to-use and low-cost drop recognition sensor. The sensor works through a series of exposed parallel traces on board which produces electrical variations when drops or water volume changes. By using microcontrollers or ADC ICs (Arduino and PIC) it's fairly easy to convert the analog output from the sensor to digital values. This can be directly read by an Arduino or a comparator circuit if you wish to use it as a rain detection alarm. It can be used to monitor a variety of weather conditions.


·       Working voltage 3.3V-5V

·       Uses a wide voltage LM393 comparator 

·       Adjustable Sensitivity for D0

·       Comparator output signal is clean, And can source up to 15mA.

·       The output format: digital switching outputs ( 0 and 1 ) and analog voltage output AO

·        PCB Dimensions:19.5x1.5x42.5mm, 48x1.5x63.5mm

·       Module Weight:13g.

Pin Out

·       5V: Positive power supply (3-5V)

·       GND: Power supply is negative

·       AO: Analog signal output

·       DO: TTL switching signal output.

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