Rotary Encoder Module KY-040

Rotary Encoder Module KY-040

A rotary encoder is an incremental electromechanical component with a shaft that converts the angular position or motion of a shaft or axle to digital code. The output of incremental encoders provides information about the motion of the shaft, which is typically further processed in processor/controllers into information such as speed, distance, and position. The shaft has an unlimited 360-degree rotation.


·       Operating Voltage: 3.3V ~ 5V

·       Full Rotation Angle: 360 degrees (no stop point)

·       Number of pulse: 20

·       Rotation Life: 30000 ± 200 Cycles

·       Contact Resistance: ≤ 100mΩ

·       Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ or more

·       Oscillation: <2ms Press

·       Working Temperature: -40 ~ +85

·       Module PCB Size: 24.5mm x 1.6mm x 32.5mm

·       Weight: 11g.

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