Solid State Relay (SSR) Module

Solid State Relay (SSR) Module

The AC Solid State Relay is a simple way to activate AC loads. Use a DC input from 3-12VDC to control an AC output up to 240AC, to a maximum of 3 Amps. The Solid State Relay provides a high degree of reliability, long life and reduced electromagnetic interference (EMI), (no arcing contacts or magnetic fields), together with a much faster almost instant response time, as compared to the conventional electromechanical relay.


·       Input Voltage:3-12VDC

·       Load AC voltage range: 75 to 264V AC (50/60Hz).

·       Load AC current: 0.1A to 3A

·       Response time: ≤ 10 ms.

·       One-off time: ≤10 ms.

·       Onboard LED indicator

·       PCB Dimensions:36.8mmx1.6mmx63.2mm

·       Module Weight: 23g.

This circuit is attached to a 110-240 Voltage. Do not build this if you are not confident about what you are doing. Unplug it before coming even close to the PCB. The cooling plate of the Triac is attached to the mains. Do not touch it while in operation. Put it in a proper enclosure/container.

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