9V Battery

9V Battery

A must have for Electronics Hobbyists, HI-WATT 6F22 9 Volt BATTERIES are used as power source in electronic circuits and projects. These batteries are also used in a number of radios, transistors, millimetres and other home appliances as the power source.



·        Battery Type: Zinc Carbon

·        Brand tags: HW, HV, EW, Hi-Power, HP, Hi-, Hi-Watt

·        Size: 6F22 006P 

·        Jacket: Metal

·        Single Battery Dimensions (mm): L- 26. 5, H - 48. 5, W - 17. 5 (Max)

·        Nominal Voltage(V) :9V

·        Discharge Resistance(Ω): 620

·        Cut-off Voltage (V): 5.4

·        Battery Dimensions(LxWxH in mm): 25.6x16.8x47.5mm

·        Weight: 35g.

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