2 Way UART Communication selector switch

2 Way UART Communication selector switch

2Way UART communication selector switch is used for two UART communications to interface the microcontroller at the same time.

In microcontrollers we can use only one UART but in some projects we have to connect two UART communications at the same microcontroller, the problem arises at that time. To overcome such issues we are switching to 2Way UART Communication selector switch. The main aim of this module is to connect both UART at the same microcontroller. This module saves time and it is also very user friendly.


·        Operating voltage:5V

·        It can be directly connected to 5V and 12V operating UART devices.

·        This module is a plug and play type.

·        Can be easily enabling the relay to the microcontroller.

·        On board relay enable indicator.

·        On board power indicator.

·        Compact size and easy to use.

·        PCB Dimensions (LxWxH in mm): 42.3x1.5x69.4mm

·        Weight: 15g.

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