16x2 LCD Display Module (Green Backlight)

16x2 LCD Display Module (Green Backlight)

This 16X2 LCD Display Module is used to interface with any kind of microcontroller target boards like 8051, AVR, Arduino and any other processors. The module comes with 4-bit data and 3-bit control pins. The LCD Contrast can be varied with the potentiometer provided on board.


·        Operate with 5V DC

·        Can display 2-lines X 16-characters

·        LCM type: Characters

·        Green backlight

·        Viewing area size: 64.5mm x 16mm

·        Interfacing 16X2 backlight alphanumeric LCD in 4-bit mode

·        Preset to adjust the contrast level of the LCD

·        8 Pin Berg connector for easy connection of all pins to the microcontroller board

·        PCB Dimensions(LxWxH in mm): 51.5x1.5x98.2mm

·        Weight: 55g.

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