8051 Development Board+MAX232(With out Chip)

8051 Development Board+MAX232(With out Chip)

If you are learning microcontroller programming and want to make project based on 8051 microcontroller than this board will help you. With this board you can develop and prototype with any of 8051(AT89S51, AT89S52, P89V51RD2, AT89Cxx) 40 pin microcontrollers. The board have and status LED. The 1.5 Amp bridge rectifiers allow this board to be powered with both AC and DC power supply adapters. Board having RS232 Serial port for flashing P89V51RD2 (NXP) microcontroller and also use for interfacing GSM module, GPS module , RFID module. There is 5V, 12V, GND power bus which allow to power external peripherals module.


·                 ·        DIP 40 Pin Microcontroller IC Socket. For Insert and Remove of IC

·        Quartz crystal 11.05892 MHz.

·        RS232 Interface for Serial Communication with Jumper.

·        Reset button.

·        ON - OFF switch.

·        Power Plug-in jack.

·        Extension Slot on Every uC pin.

·        GND bus.

·        Vcc bus. (5V and 12V).

·        On board power indication RED LED

·        Four mounting holes 3.0 mm for easy mounting

·        PCB Dimension (LxWxH in mm): 12.5cm x7.8cm

·        Weight: 61g.

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